Puerto Rico Coconut Tree

Puerto Rico Coconut Tree
Aaah...A GREAT tree to relax under!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


WHO'S Tangled???!! A DVD/Blu-Ray Giveaway all you have to do is follow our blog or like our facebook page, it's that easy!!

A perfect gift just in time for Easter to put in their Easter baskets :)

I loved the movie and I think I was more into it than Lina was...lol. It is an awesome movie that children and adults can enjoy, so if you haven't seen it now is the time. Just a click of a button away :)

Good luck to all our followers :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Work, work, work and more work!

Try as I might today to try and blog something, I found that I had to struggle to find the few minutes to think and write!  I guess this is a woman's life.  With work, school, children and spouse or significant other, one must be a Professional Juggler!! 

This got me thinking about my Aunt's poem and how she stated that we, women, are so complicated.  This is definitely due to the many hats that we wear.  At times it is confusing or hard to get off mommy mode, or we bring our work stress into family life.  These are no-no's and we know this deep down, but don't you find yourselves having an awful day at work, and even more upsetting commute home and then we walk in the door and "ugh, look at this living room!, why are there dishes in the sink?, the dog has pooped or peed on the floor," and you haven't even taken off your coat or put down your purse!  It's like we come in and we survey the whole house in one swoop and the result is more aggravation.  My scenario was, I'd have a fit, then put my coat and purse down, put my hair in a ponytail and find I have to clear the sink and counter tops in order to start cooking!  Then, you know who, is there playing with the remote and here you are having to cook with your work clothing still on!  Being a Latina, I guess I was just born dramatic and hot-tempered.  Try as I may, either I blow up or get a headache from keeping my mouth shut.  Thank God I believe and have faith, if not, I'd go nuts.  In all this mayhem, I look up towards the Heavens and ask God to help me calm down or de-stress me just a bit so I can feed my wonderful family.    Because after all, I love to cook and do love them to pieces even though they drive me nuts! 

Recently, I lost my job because of our wonderful economy and just ruthless administration too.  Funny enough I was not even distraught.  I was RELIEVED!  I guess God, finally answered my prayer of de-stressing!  Careful what you ask for, people always say.  Thankfully though, I got unemployment insurance, took a long overdue vacation (years) and reconnected with my wonderful family in Puerto Rico which I hadn't seen in 10 years!!  I relaxed, got my tan, and returned to the States with a new attitude.  I since have been going to school, just found a part-time job which I can have flex hours and best of all, I work at home, and have more family time and much less anger.  I still have stressful moments but, my rhythm and attitude are different and I now realize how miserable I was before. I also find that music soothes my soul.  Just today, I was all uptight about the calls I took and the tempermental customers! After I was done, I immediately turned to the first source of music I found.  I thanked God for this blog...for it has the link to one of my favorites, Marc Anthony, and it soothed the "savage beast" I had inside roaring to come out. Hearing him sing and hearing the wonderful percussion, wind, and string instruments.  I was able to let all the bad stuff out, breathe evenly, and RELAX.  The moment was over, thank God!

Soo...with all this said, how do you all deal with stress, wind down or do you have any thoughts of life changing events you may want to take place?  Please share with us!

With a whole new outlook on life, I bid you till the next time...hasta luego!

PrincesaGrace :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Translation of my Titi's Poem

Sometimes as women we are complicated.
As women, we are emotional about everything,
We cry over just about anything, and we laugh about everything,
We sometimes wake up with our "moño parao" (Spanish expression meaning moody or cranky),
That no...
one can stand us, stressed and in a bad mood,
We blame everything for making us cry,
Our sorrow is so great, that we couple it with what happened in our yesterdays,
Searching as to why there is so much pain,
There are no more tears to cry or think about,
Here come the children, they are so cute,
I have to clean the house, how cute it is,
A special touch in the kitchen for my dear love,
Oh Lord, God!, forget about today, don't worry -- about today's tears,
Its just things, things that are part of being a woman.

A Poem written by my Aunt -- Gracias Titi!!

Ser mujer somos complicada alguna veces.
Ser mujer, somos emocionadas en todo
Lloramos por nada, y nos reímos de todo
Nos levantamos algunas veces con el moño parao
Que nadie no nos soporta, de estrés y del mal humor

Lloramos todo el día sin saben él porque
Culpamos a todos por hacernos llorar
Nuestra pena es tan grande que juntamos lo de ayer
Buscando el porqué de tanto dolor
Ya no hay mas lagrima, para que llorar, y pensar
Ahí viene los niños, que lindo son
Tengo que arreglar la casa, que linda esta
un toque en la cocina para mi querido amor
!Señor Dios mio!, olvídate de hoy, no te preocupe - de lloro de hoy
Son cosa, cosa de ser una mujer

Sibling luv or no luv

So when I had my son Dylan, I already had Angelina who just turned 3. She was so happy to meet her baby brother........and now that she's 5 and Dylan is 2 all the love seems to be more of fighting. Dylan I must say is the bully and Lina basically just sits there and gets beat up. A few months of this but now tables have turned and Lina is no longer letting her baby bro hit and abuse her, so now every second of the day I have to separate them from hitting each other. I want to teach her not to let anyone hit her and I know she shouldnt get hit by her baby bro, however he is still very little. Now as I try to reprimand them both, I notice Lina gets upset and even said to me the other day that I love her baby bro more than her. I felt so bad. What should I do?? I am running on low fume cause I have no more energy running after them and separating them from fighting. HELP!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ugh! I just love the way Marc Anthony sings Preciosa

Ay! Don't you just love the way Marc sings this song?!  The song itself makes me emotional, but when he sings it, I get chills and get all misty.  Does anyone else feel this way?  We've included his link to youtube for your listening pleasure below!  We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Hasta la proxima,

PrincesaGrace and Jennyboo

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Big Welcome to our Blog -- Just a little Intro...

PrincesaGrace says:

Hi, everyone! I'm a single, working mom (SWM). I also go to school. In addition, to my work and school life, I help out my daughter (Gabby), have a fiance (Paul) and a dog (Mr. Nibbles) and you know that the rest of the family comes with the responsibilities too! Always on the go, staying positive, and having faith -- that's my life...and I would love to share some tales with you!

Jennyboo says:

I always wanted to be a blogger because I must admit I talk about everything I am doing, about to do etc. LOL. I am a Facebook fanatic and I post a lot of my every day life. My husband would always say to me you should become a blogger...and as time went on I noticed tons of people are bloggers and I have a few close friends that are bloggers as well.........so why not me??!! A lil about me...Married with two kids.....whom are my life, they pretty much keep me sane and moving all the time hehehhe. Angelina my (5 yr old) has more of a social life than me and her dad. Dylan our (2yr old) well that one has been active since the womb!!! lol. I often wonder why the heck I am still not skinny cause he has me running after him every second. They are soooo different and even more cause they are boy and girl. Lina is a prissy missy...Dylan is a boy all the way from loving sneakers to hats...and the newest thing now he loves "cars". He stops when he sees one he likes. It's pretty cute! My life is on going never a dull moment!!


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