Puerto Rico Coconut Tree

Puerto Rico Coconut Tree
Aaah...A GREAT tree to relax under!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

60's Get Together with Friends -- En la Casa de Amigos y La Era de Los 60s

Well, its that time of year when friends and family do get togethers and parties to celebrate harvest time and Halloween!

My family and I were invited to my friend's house and the hosts asked us to dress up in clothing that would be worn in the 1960s!  It was fun seeing everyone dressed up as hippies and one guest dressed up as Jeannie from the show I Dream of Jeannie (a show I watched growing up although I saw it in the 70s).
LOVE AND PEACE were the expressions of the 60s!

My daughter, Gabby was dressed up as Twiggy (a famous model).  I got her "mod" clothing and did her eyemake up "Twiggy style".  I dressed up as a Groovy Chic and my fiance, Paul, dressed up as a hippie.  Tooooo funny! 

I love this time of year when all the holidays begin, especially time spent with friends and family!

What are your experiences, traditions or plans for the coming months?  PLEASE SHARE.

Hasta la proxima,

PrincesaGrace <3

Friday, October 7, 2011


OCTOBER is here!! Wow, I always think of Harvest time, Apple Cider, Apple Pies, Foliage, and Hay Rides THEN all of a sudden, its an explosion of Holidays from Halloween through New Years.

I love when September rolls around because I know the leaves will be turning to various types of beautiful fall colors and that milder weather is coming. I personally, cannot stand August with all the Heatwaves!

However you and your family celebrate the Fall and all its beauty and goodies, I hope you are blessed and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

We try to enjoy the foliage (enjoy the beauty of nature), the yummy apple pies, crumb cakes, and cider, and best of all the mild weather to the fullest.

It's always a feeling of planning for yummies and beauty and holidays along with family and friends. A time to share and reconnect.

Many blessings and much joy this Harvest season! I know there are good times ahead for all of us. :)

Hasta La Proxima,