Puerto Rico Coconut Tree

Puerto Rico Coconut Tree
Aaah...A GREAT tree to relax under!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

60's Get Together with Friends -- En la Casa de Amigos y La Era de Los 60s

Well, its that time of year when friends and family do get togethers and parties to celebrate harvest time and Halloween!

My family and I were invited to my friend's house and the hosts asked us to dress up in clothing that would be worn in the 1960s!  It was fun seeing everyone dressed up as hippies and one guest dressed up as Jeannie from the show I Dream of Jeannie (a show I watched growing up although I saw it in the 70s).
LOVE AND PEACE were the expressions of the 60s!

My daughter, Gabby was dressed up as Twiggy (a famous model).  I got her "mod" clothing and did her eyemake up "Twiggy style".  I dressed up as a Groovy Chic and my fiance, Paul, dressed up as a hippie.  Tooooo funny! 

I love this time of year when all the holidays begin, especially time spent with friends and family!

What are your experiences, traditions or plans for the coming months?  PLEASE SHARE.

Hasta la proxima,

PrincesaGrace <3

Friday, October 7, 2011


OCTOBER is here!! Wow, I always think of Harvest time, Apple Cider, Apple Pies, Foliage, and Hay Rides THEN all of a sudden, its an explosion of Holidays from Halloween through New Years.

I love when September rolls around because I know the leaves will be turning to various types of beautiful fall colors and that milder weather is coming. I personally, cannot stand August with all the Heatwaves!

However you and your family celebrate the Fall and all its beauty and goodies, I hope you are blessed and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

We try to enjoy the foliage (enjoy the beauty of nature), the yummy apple pies, crumb cakes, and cider, and best of all the mild weather to the fullest.

It's always a feeling of planning for yummies and beauty and holidays along with family and friends. A time to share and reconnect.

Many blessings and much joy this Harvest season! I know there are good times ahead for all of us. :)

Hasta La Proxima,


Sunday, September 11, 2011


¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸ ...¸.¤\
\ 9/11 AMERICA \
.\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤*
/ \ NEVER FORGET!!! KEEP THE FLAG GOING!!!  In Memory of those We Lost on September 11, 2001, take a moment to help reflect the fond memories of those loved ones who perished without any warning and for those who continue to die because of illnesses in their quest to help those in need. May God Bless Us all as we remember and will never forget those we lost. Be safe everyone!

Memories of 9/11 -- feels like yesterday :(

1.  I arrived at work in the MetLife Building and I remember that I was about to step on the elevator and the building was suddenly being evacuated. I saw my supervisor come off the elevator and she said to get out quick, trains were no longer running and the building was a target. When I asked her why all she could say was I was preparing for a meeting in the large conference room. Our conference room faced the Towers (we had a spectacular view with full ceiling to floor windows) and when she turned she saw the 1st Tower being hit by an airplane.

2.  Walking out of the building in shock, remembering my best-friend, David, worked in D.C. in the Pentagon and calling him and cried when I heard his voice and said that he was across the street when it happened.

3.  I ran from 42nd & 5th all the way to 104th & 5th without thinking only to stop at a Payless store to buy cheapy sneakers so I could get out of my heels. I had to get my daughter, she was in school right on Museum mile (also a possible target)!! The fear gripped me and I had stamina to run all those blocks.

4.  My friends on the 101st floor, who I spoke to everyday while transacting business…oh my God, would I ever see them again….I didn’t.

5.   My daughter’s Dad worked on the 86th floor, we called him for hours, we didnt get to him until about 6 p.m., his cell phone was out…he just made it out of Tower 1 as it crumbled. Covered in soot, he had gone over the Brooklyn Bridge and was walking home. He was on the 40-something floor getting breakfast and had never made it to 86…God had mercy on him that day.

6.  I remember Gabby's classmate being so upset with her because Gabby's Dad had made it out safely and her parents had died in the Towers that day.  She even stopped speaking to her for over a year!  As they were only 7 years old, I tried to explain to Gabby that her friend was not angry at her personally but hurt her parents had perished and this was how she was coping.

There is so much more, but I would sit here writing for hours. Blessings to all the families and all those who perished, and all those that are sick today because of that day, and to my Uncle Sammy, a Minister, who helped search and prayed over everyone including the bodies that were found for days on end.



Saturday, September 10, 2011


Cory DeJesus
Madelene Nieves

Glad that you are following us and we hope that you refer us to your friends!   Also, don't forget to press like on our Facebook page as well at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tales-of-Two-Latinas/192462680791851#!/

Hasta la proxima,

PrincesaGrace and JennyBoo

IN MEMORY OF 9/11/2001 -- EN MEMORIA DE 9/11/2001 -- 10 YEARS LATER: 2001 - 2011


September 11th was a day no one will ever forget,
On September 11th a lot of loved ones died,
It made us realize how important everyone is in our eyes.

It was a day of Sadness,
It was a day of Fright,
It was a day like none other,
Every held hands and prayed together.

No matter our race,
No matter our age,
This is a memory everyone will remember,
A day where the whole world cried together,
We will always have this day in our hearts,
But we ask one question...
Why did it have to start?


Poem Created by: Gabrielle Ramos
(PrincesaGrace's daughter)


We tried to make the best of our budgeted weekend get away and didn't do too shabbily.  We ventured to Harrisburg, PA minutes away from Hershey, PA.

FRIDAY NIGHT, my fiance and I stuffed my daughter, her boyfriend, his son and the dog in a little Ford Focus and head out for adventure with a budget in mind, of course!  Times are kind of tough right now, me being on unemployment and he having a part-time job, nevertheless, we worked it and all had an awesome time :)

SATURDAY MORNING we head out to Hershey's Chocolate World!  A free tour of the factory and only $14.95 to create your own chocolate bar, we were sold on the idea. 

The TOUR was cool, just like a Disney ride, we were in these little bucket seats that sat 4-5 people and since we were a group of 5, that was perfect! We rode along while all kinds of images, films and machinery were shown to us explaining the origins of Hershey and the machines and process of how they create their yummy candy.
Hmmm...looks like a Chocolate pool!

Here are Gabby and Scotty (bf)
looking at the Milk and Cocoa mixing

Yummy sheets of Chocolate

After the tour, we decided it was time to make DA CHOCOLATE! Excited to create our mouth-watering treats, we marched on towards the Laboratory where we were given aprons, masks (like doctors LOL), hair nets, and gloves to wear. We were directed to computer screens where we picked our fillings. I picked a white chocolate center, pretzels, almonds and choco chips! Gabby: all chocolate fillings, (blech, too much choco for me), Paul: pretzels, almonds and toffee, Ed, his son: picked out almonds and choco chips, and finally Scotty chose white chocolate center and some stuff I didn't get to see...no fair Scott! As we watched our morsels go through the process, we were then directed to pick out the design of labels...more creating on the computer awesome :)

Fillings are placed!

Choco overing is going on top
Finally the Sprinkles :)

Final packaging...this one's mine!

We thought we were done, but we were led into the BAKERY area where they had loads of goodies you could buy from chocolate covered strawberries to cupcakes! A picture of Eduardo is depicted eyeing them but then as we looked up we a sign that read "CREATIONS STUDIO", we had to check it out, so up the stairs we went! Above the bakery you can actually make your own goods for $3 or $4! Gabby and Eduardo chose to make smores and to our surprise 2 attendants came and put edible paint on the table cover, gave us all paint brushes and said "paint away and if ya want you can EAT the paint"! I didn't venture but Paul, Eduardo and Gabby did and they said it tasted great. Eduardo even put some on his smore (shaking my head).
Eduardo eyeing the goodies at the Bakery

Afterwards we ventured to the GIFT SHOP where we actually tried everything, squished the stuffies and basically made a lot of noise!

Um Hershey Kiss Hat?
Scotty is not convinced!
ON SUNDAY, we ventured to Gettysburg, PA and visited the Gettysburg Museum for $10 each we saw a great film, an awesome panoramic picture with narration, toured the museum, and toured the actual Gettysburg battlefield using our car.  Not bad!  Of course, there was also a Bookstore/Gift Shop but we decided to behave this time :-D

Gabby looks at the Union (NORTH) Soldier's Uniform
Here's the Confederate's (SOUTH) Uniform
Gettysburg Battlefield Map
Old Cannon - BOOM!

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

FINALLY ON MONDAY, on the ride back to Jersey we came upon CABELA, which we thought was just a camping goods store and it turned out to be so much more :)  We all looked at each other and said, "Hmmm...bathroom and snack break and the back on the road".  Well it turns out a bathroom break turned out to be yet another great adventure.  They had clothes, all types of sporting goods, a Deer Exhibit, a restaurant and an Aquarium!!  Needless to say more fun and absolutely free, sigh...such a blessing and the PERFECT ending to our weekend.

Hah, a tent for our doggie, Nibbles?

Nibbles in his carrier, as we bid PA farewell

Videos of our Weekend for your Amusement :)

HERSHEY CHOCOLATE WORLD - Tour (sneak-a-peek here)





Friday, September 2, 2011



Have an awesome Labor Day weekend and don't forget to make some wonderful memories!  We wish you blessings, joy and safety this weekend along with your family and friends.  Good luck to all the students returning to school too...GO FOR IT, build that future :)

Que tengan un fin de semana impresionante y no se olviden de crear memorias maravillosas!  Les deseamos bendiciones, gozo y seguridad...cuidensen...junto a su familia y amigos.  Buenas suertes a todos los estudiantes volviendo a la escuela tambien...HAGALO, construyen su futuro :)



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life...it happens! Son cosas de la Vida! :)

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to share a few happenings in my life.  Lately, I have been so overwhelmed with LIFE!  My fiance's mom had major corrective surgery on her back, then my mom had quadruple bypass surgery all in the same month.  Thankfully, they both are recovering well, but SHEESH, I felt like I was going to lose it.  I was being "spread thin" between the two mothers, my regular home workload, being there for my fiance, daughter and even the dog, being a friend and a full-time student.  Not to mention, I'm still unemployed and looking for a job!

I know most of you can identify with my circumstances of late.  We have to wear so many hats that we, at times, can get not only TIRED but confused and just wanting a moment where you didn't have to do anything for anyone or worry about what to do next!  SOME ALONE TIME PLEASE, or how about just some deep sleep (as opposed to broken or 2 or 3 hours of sleep). 

As with everything in life, these things also will pass but sometimes the end seems so FAR!  All we can do is continue on and pray that we make it to the end of the tasks at hand. 

So in conclusion, I say know that no good deed goes unrewarded and that we are here to serve just as our Lord came to serve.  If we give our all, we will, in the end receive ALL.  Besides we REAP what we SOW don't we?!  Some greater good has to come from all this sacrificed effort :)

Hang in there!

Hasta la proxima...CIAO,


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Shrek 2 DVD Prize Was Not Claimed SO....We Selected a New Winner!!!










Congratulations :) Whepa!!

Madelene Nievez, please claim your prize by writing an email to latina.mamita0311@gmail.com giving us your address where you would like to receive your prize.

Thanks to all who participated and hasta la proxima (until the next time)!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Congratulations :) Whepa!!

Jessica Santiago, please claim your prize by writing an email to latina.mamita0311@gmail.com giving us your address where you would like to receive your prize. 

Thanks to all who participated and hasta la proxima (until the next time)!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

In Honor of our 3 Month Anniversary -- A DVD GIVEAWAY!!

Shrek 2!  A DVD including Bonus Features such as technical goofs, over 20 games and activities including Save Fiona! and  Find Puss In Boots and Sing-a-longs! 

Our GIVEAWAY is in honor of our blog making it to 3 months (almost 4).  All you have to do is follow our blog (become a member), OR mention both our blog and facebook pages to your friends (let us know where, please). YEP, it's that easy!!

Our household apparently liked Shrek 2 so much, that two of us bought the DVD (sigh).  But no worries, one of you will get to reap the reward!

As a preview, here are some quotes from the movie to tickle your funnybone:

  • "Living the vida loca" by Mongo
  •  "Pray for Mercy...from Puss...in Boots!" by Puss In Boots
  • "You got a PUPPY?  All I got in my room was SHAMPOO!" by Donkey
  • "Remember, Happiness is just a tear drop away" by Fairy Godmother

So, remember, become a member of our blog, mention us to your friends, and let us know where you posted it (facebook, twitter, etc.).  For your ease, our blog link is:  http://thetalesof2latinas.blogspot.com/ and our facebook page link is:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tales-of-Two-Latinas/192462680791851

GOOD LUCK, BUENA SUERTE to all our followers :)

Thank you, Gracias for being loyal Members!

PrincesaGrace y Jennyboo

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hope it was a Happy and Safe 4th of July for all! Espero que se divertieron en el dia de Independencia, el 4 de Julio!!

Absecon, NJ
PrincesaGrace had a ball along with family and friends!  We decided to stay over from Sunday night to Tuesday morning in Absecon, NJ.  We would have stayed longer, but Paulie had to get back to work that afternoon at 3 pm.  Phooey on the workplace, HA, HA!  :-D

Aquarium in Atlantic City, NJ

We rode into Absecon and stayed at the Comfort Inn North, (nice place, definitely a "recommend")!  That evening we just hung out in our room and watched T.V. but in the a.m. we were up and at 'em.  Off we went towards Atlantic City (just a few minutes away).  We went to the Aquarium, ate at a Restaurant named, "Scales" by the Aquarium, the Crabcake Sandwich and Sea Salt fries were to die for, went to the Boardwalk, tried the Casino at the Trump Taj Majal (we couldn't play, booooo, Scotty (my daughter's boyfriend) was 21 in just a few days but not soon enough), then we did the shopping thing, the sitting at the beach, and finally the moment I had been waiting for...the evening with all the lights and the awesome Rides, following the Fireworks! yay! 

Menu from Scales by the Aquarium
The funniest moment of the day, getting escorted out of the Casino, after they checked Scotty's I.D.  :)  We had seen the entire Casino by then anyways so :oP~~  The funniest moment in the evening, Gabby (daughter) being so scared on the Ferris Wheel, I had to cradle her the entire time (snicker, snicker).  See below some pics and videos of our adventure! 

Trump Taj Mahal at the Boardwalk

I pray you all had a great day among your family and friends.  Ruego que tuvieron un dia buenisimo con su familia y amigos.

The Beach by the Boardwalk

The Rides!  woohoo!

Fireworks right over the Sea!

Baby StingRay at Aquarium

Dorie and Nemo?  :)
Hasta La Proxima,

PrincesaGrace <3