Puerto Rico Coconut Tree

Puerto Rico Coconut Tree
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Sunday, September 11, 2011


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\ 9/11 AMERICA \
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/ \ NEVER FORGET!!! KEEP THE FLAG GOING!!!  In Memory of those We Lost on September 11, 2001, take a moment to help reflect the fond memories of those loved ones who perished without any warning and for those who continue to die because of illnesses in their quest to help those in need. May God Bless Us all as we remember and will never forget those we lost. Be safe everyone!

Memories of 9/11 -- feels like yesterday :(

1.  I arrived at work in the MetLife Building and I remember that I was about to step on the elevator and the building was suddenly being evacuated. I saw my supervisor come off the elevator and she said to get out quick, trains were no longer running and the building was a target. When I asked her why all she could say was I was preparing for a meeting in the large conference room. Our conference room faced the Towers (we had a spectacular view with full ceiling to floor windows) and when she turned she saw the 1st Tower being hit by an airplane.

2.  Walking out of the building in shock, remembering my best-friend, David, worked in D.C. in the Pentagon and calling him and cried when I heard his voice and said that he was across the street when it happened.

3.  I ran from 42nd & 5th all the way to 104th & 5th without thinking only to stop at a Payless store to buy cheapy sneakers so I could get out of my heels. I had to get my daughter, she was in school right on Museum mile (also a possible target)!! The fear gripped me and I had stamina to run all those blocks.

4.  My friends on the 101st floor, who I spoke to everyday while transacting business…oh my God, would I ever see them again….I didn’t.

5.   My daughter’s Dad worked on the 86th floor, we called him for hours, we didnt get to him until about 6 p.m., his cell phone was out…he just made it out of Tower 1 as it crumbled. Covered in soot, he had gone over the Brooklyn Bridge and was walking home. He was on the 40-something floor getting breakfast and had never made it to 86…God had mercy on him that day.

6.  I remember Gabby's classmate being so upset with her because Gabby's Dad had made it out safely and her parents had died in the Towers that day.  She even stopped speaking to her for over a year!  As they were only 7 years old, I tried to explain to Gabby that her friend was not angry at her personally but hurt her parents had perished and this was how she was coping.

There is so much more, but I would sit here writing for hours. Blessings to all the families and all those who perished, and all those that are sick today because of that day, and to my Uncle Sammy, a Minister, who helped search and prayed over everyone including the bodies that were found for days on end.




  1. wow Grace I still remember you calling me that day around 10:10am , hysterical telling me about the the first tower falling. I will never forget the panic in your voice. :'(

  2. Notice how your name is posting. I would have never known it was you Jessy. Did you do that purposely?

    Also, funny how u remember the conversation and I don't. I was panicked for sure!


  3. nope not on purpose. great more homework now to figure out how to fix this! sigh!!!! lol